Colin Farrell Might Be the New Arnold Recall

October 22, 2010


Guess who might be the new Arnold Schwarzenegger in Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake! Yeah, the picture and headline are accurate: it might be Colin Farrell. Phone Booth is at the top of the list to star in the new adaptation of Philip K. Dick's We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, claims Heat Vision. As backup options, the studio reportedly has Inception's Tom Hardy and Inglourious Basterds' Michael Fassbender on the list, but with those two both on the verge of becoming ubiquitous, more-charismatic NewSamWorthingtons, their dance cards are pretty full, so it seems like Farrell is the more likely option. Or maybe Sam Worthington. Doesn't it seem like he should probably just be doing this to get it over with, in 3-D?

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