Does the 'Transformers 3' Title Cleverly Avoid Pink Floyd Copyright Violation?

October 6, 2010


As was expected, the title most of us will use for Transformers 3, "Still Another Transformer?", wasn't good enough for Michael Bay. Like with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, he's decided there should be a subtitle tacked on there, and now we know what that might be. Ready for this? Dark of the Moon. Just "Dark of the Moon." At least according to Amazon's latest additions to the I Can Read series: a trilogy of Transformers books (apparently intended to teach kids to read onomatopoeic explosions) with just such a subtitle. Assuming that ends up being the film's final subtitle, I'm already angry at how many times I'm going to inevitably end up accidentally typing "Dark Side of the Moon." I've already had to correct "Mastermind" on half the posts I've done about DreamWorks' Megamind. I don't need this, guys.


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