Famous 'Back to the Future' Stoltz Footage Unearthed

October 12, 2010


If you're Hollywood director Robert Zemeckis, perhaps you'll recall a time--back before The Polar Express and The Forrest Gump--when you were shooting a little time travel film with a young actor named Eric Stoltz, who you now enjoy on Caprica (when you manage to make time to catch up on it on the weekends). You were over a month into shooting Back to the Future when you realized, "This Mask guy is NOT very good at going Back to the Future," so you went to Steven Spielberg, told him your plight, and ended up reshooting with the republican kid from Family Ties--which, of course, resulted in a film series so successful it would spawn Back to the Future: The Ride. Remember that, Bob? Well, here's some of the footage you shot with Stoltzie to remind you. Weird!

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