James Cameron and Angelina Jolie Ready To Spend a Ton Then Make a Ton on Cleopatra Film

October 15, 2010


Ready for probably the biggest, most tiresome film ever? Here it is: James Cameron directing Angelina Jolie in another telling of the story of Cleopatra. According to Deadline, it's a real possibility, with Jolie attached to an adaptation of Stacy Schiff's book, Cleopatra: A Life, and Cameron now talking to Sony about directing the thing in three dimensions. Elizabeth Taylor famously starred in the last big attempt at telling the Egyptian's story, a 1963 film that ended up costing 20th Century Fox $40 million--over $300 million when adjusted for inflation. Similarly, Sony's Amy Pascal is already saying this film "won't be cheap" and will be her "Gone With The Wind epic," which is like going out drinking specifically trying to get really drunk: you were probably already going to get really drunk; now you're going to get Jail Drunk. This thing is going to cost a billion American dollars. But it will probably make two or three billion, so let's get on with it.

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