Mark Wahlberg Will Have a Foul-Mouthed Teddy Ruxpin, Thanks to Seth MacFarlane

October 26, 2010


Seth MacFarlane--the Family Guy creator who sure loves eccentric supporting characters who wouldn't normally have the ability to talk--will soon be making his feature-length directorial debut with Ted, the story of "an average Boston guy" who, oddly enough, has a wacky talking teddy bear sidekick. The planned-R-rated film was acquired by Universal in the spring, and now we know who's going to play the normal guy (normal except for that zany talking bear friend of his!): Mark Wahlberg. He'll be using his adeptness at talking to animals to communicate with the titular ursine friend, who will be CGI and voiced by MacFarlane. Depending on which side of the Seth MacFarlane-is-terrible/hilarious fence you sit on, you now have either a slightly better or slightly worse talking-CGI-bear alternative to Yogi.

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