Slash Using His Ridiculous Pseudonym To Produce Retro Horror Films

October 7, 2010


When you've somehow managed to convince everyone on Earth to seriously refer to you as "Slash," you might as well use that name for something. And while peddling Guitar Hero is great and all, that's really taking advantage of the guitar playing more than just the fact that Slash is called Slash. Thus, the former Guns N' Roses guitarist has teamed up with Scout Productions to form the production company Slasher Films (get it?), which plans to focus on making more of those '70s and '80s-style slasher films that everyone looks back on with such cloudy fondness. The top hat aficionado's already has his first film setup, too: Nothing to Fear, a horror/thriller that follows a young family's move to Kansas, where they're "tormented by an ancient demon with an insatiable blood lust," from Kansas. If this works out, maybe a same-sex fan-fiction publishing company, next?

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