Steve Rogers Is So Self-Satisfied, and Other 'Captain America' Photos

October 29, 2010


You've seen the cover of the Captain America issue of Entertainment Weekly; now ready to see the inside? Then continue your odyssey of "looking at a magazine cover first, then the interior, as one normally does"...


Chris Evans shows Hayley Atwell that he's been taking so much creatine.


Hydra soldiers futilely hoping that, given thirty years, they'll be as ubiquitous a Comic Con costume as Stormtroopers.


Captain America shamefully departs, having been told his current shield design is legally too similar in design to the registered logo of the National Football League.


Dr. Stanley Tucci et al construct the chamber that will transform scrawny Steve Rogers into the physically perfect male, completely oblivious to just how gay that sounds.


Red Skull, before becoming Red Skull. So just Hugo Weaving in a jacket.


Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans pretending to be a photo of your grandparents.

(Scans from ComingSoon)

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