There Might Be This Now: An Andy Samberg/Anna Faris Body-Switching Comedy

October 1, 2010


You'd think The Hot Chick would be more than enough body-switching gender comedy for anyone. I know, after needlessly punishing myself with it earlier this week, I sure as H felt done with the genre. Not, Anna Faris, though! No, after The Hot Chick, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel, Yogi Bear, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and FOUR Scary Movies, she really couldn't give any less shits about anything. She's totally up for another lady/man body-switch film. In fact, Production Weekly reports her and Andy Samberg are currently being "mentioned" for another such comedy called Opposites Attract. Doesn't that sound dismal? Of course, it's entirely possible that "mentioned" doesn't mean much, and the film might not even come together, but still, after the whole American Idol thing, I thought it might be nice to give Paula Abdul the hope of some song licensing money.

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