We're Going To Try Making a 'Halo' Movie Again

October 6, 2010


Following Fox and Universal's stalled and eventually abandoned attempts at bringing that popular "The Halo" video, DreamWorks is reportedly now going to give it a shot, too. Vulture says the studio is moving forward on getting the rights to the project for development--and to avoid any legal disputes about prior development, they're just going to take the Myst route, ignoring the video game itself and basing things straight off the novelizations, which is at least one step above basing it on Halo fan-fiction.

Insiders have warned that Halo may be unfilmable due to Microsoft's fears of giving any studio or director complete control and endangering the franchise's name, but if anyone can convince them, it's probably DreamWorks founder Steven Spielberg. Have you seen the dude's Gamerscore?

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