We're Gonna Try Another Hulk TV Series

October 15, 2010


With remakes of '70s and '80s series, and forcing more and more actors to list "Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk" on their acting résumés, both so inexplicably popular right now, Marvel and ABC are teaming up to once again bring a live-action version of the Hulk to willing television viewers. The last time such a feat was attempted was, of course, the 1978-1982 series that starred Bill Bixby as a mild-mannered scientist who transformed into a painted Lou Ferrigno when angered. It's still too early in development to know how this attempt will be handled, but now they've got Bangladesh's Halka to contend with, so they'd better step the fuck up.

Also in development, for ABC's family channel: an adaptation of superhero team-up Cloak and Dagger. Rest assured, comics fans, the duo will surely be given the dignity, creativity, and white-hot chemistry of ABC Family's Melissa and Joey.

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