Why Not Shia LaBeouf as Young Karl Rove?

October 8, 2010


I don't mean to get you in a panic, but there are no more Shia LaBeouf films in the pipeline after either before or after 2011's summer Transformers film. I knew we should have treasured our LaBeoufs and not taken them for granted, lest they leave us so suddenly, but now it's too late for sorries. Thankfully, the LA Times claims Even Steven may be close to finally signing on to a new project, as he's been showing some interest in the dramedy College Republicans. The actor would play a young Karl Rove from back in the days before we knew what a fuck he was, when he was just some nerd trying to become his campus's chief conservative (G.O.P.B.M.O.C.). Richard Linklater has been talked about as director for the project, but now that Shia's showing some interest, maybe Michael Bay can swoop in and put this thing on a fighter jet.

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