'Bible Code' Books Becoming 'Bible Code' Movie(s), Unfortunately

November 4, 2010


If you really, really loved the Nicolas-Cage-predicts-things-with-numbers film Knowing, yet were still left with the sense that it could use more pseudoscience and heavy Christian overtones, boy do I ever have some life-changing news for you. Relativity Media has just purchased the rights to Bible Code series, and plans to make a movie that will probably be exactly that.

From what I understand, the books describe a 3000-year-old code hidden within the Bible that, when plugged into a Bible code decoder, somehow reveals that the Good Book predicted the September 11th attacks, Obama's election, and all kinds of other things Bible-writers would have no way of knowing unless God or time-travel were involved. How Amazing and Marketable! They trilogy was written by Michael Drosnin, a former reporter for the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal who should really know better than to present this shit as reality-fact.

The first of what I can only assume will be too many Bible Code films is already being prepared for a big, Summer 2012 tentpole release, so get ready for some Spring 2011 calls from mom explaining how she's heard this is real and why you should be afraid.

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