'Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son' Trailer Truly Worse Than I Could Have Ever Imagined

November 4, 2010


With stock criminal archetypes pursuing himself and his son, FBI agent Martin Lawrence has, once again, decided the best course of action is to put on the same fat, old lady suit he put on the last two times he had to wage war against a criminal element, because apparently no one has caught on to that yet. Only this time he's bringing his son along with him! In a fat, young lady suit, obviously:

Ha ha! Big Daughta was supposed to affect a ladyvoice, but instead he made it deeper! Whups,that was the opposite! And then both of them got hurt various times, sometimes in the testicles! And, judging by the reactions of the other characters, Big Momma's naked body is disgusting and possibly only crudely sculpted in latex! Ticket, please!

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