Brooklyn Decker in Bikini Fails To Make Sandler/Aniston Rom-Com Tolerable

November 5, 2010


In Just Go With It, Adam Sandler Character is a bachelor who--having not learned from George Costanza in "The Apartment"--wears a wedding band to attract women. That's all going great until he one day meets Brooklyn Decker and, seeing that she has literally the body of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, decides to drop this fake-married shtick and date her for real. But--ut oh!--she already thinks he's married! Now what? Now convoluted hijinks wherein Jennifer Aniston pretends to be his soon-to-be-ex-wife! Here comes romantic comedy!

When you take the nerdy glasses off Jennifer Aniston, she can look attractive--even movie star-like--it turns out! Who would have thought?

Also, Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews (of the Dave Matthews Band) apparently co-star, though there's strangely no evidence of them here. Who hides a Kidman, I ask you.

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