'Cowboys & Aliens' Trailer: Daniel Craig is Cowboy Space Ghost

November 17, 2010


Cowboys, aliens, and rough-hewn faces all combine into one kinda pandering lump of summer blockbuster in this new trailer for Jon Favreau's latest comic book adaptation. Daniel Craig stars as some sort of chap-wearing western fellow--a cowboy, you might say--who awakens in the desert with amnesia and an alien bracelet attached to his arm. Craig fights some guys, Generic Lady Character shows up (Olivia Wilde instead of Megan Fox, this time), Col. Harrison Ford shows up, alien spaceships show up, and Craig's wristband starts shooting shit. Pretty wild. Let's hope this alien-gun-attached-to-the-arm works out better for Daniel Craig than it did for Laserblast. Both plot-wise and quality-wise.

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