Fake Eli Roth Trailer Becoming Actual Eli Roth-Produced Movie

November 18, 2010


Want Eli Roth to produce a movie for you? Here's a shortcut: make a ridiculous fake trailer, post it on YouTube, and call it an Eli Roth film. The rest will take care of itself. Such is the lesson we can draw from Jon Watts and Christopher D. Ford of Waverly Films. A month ago, they posted a trailer for Clown, a horror spoof about a dad who, filling in for his son's absent birthday entertainment, finds himself unable to remove the clown get-up he put on. Today, the jokey "from master of horror Eli Roth" title they put in the trailer became surprisingly accurate when Roth revealed he'll be producing a feature-length version of their trailer. Because if Hobo with a Shotgun is going to be real, Clown might as well, too, right? If only we'd had the foresight to combine the two concepts. Red Skelton, you were ahead of your time.

Anyway, here's the trailer that just got these guys a pretty decent job:

Janeane Garofalo for the mom?

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