'Green Lantern' Has an Abstract Deep Fish Villain

November 22, 2010


The Green Lantern movie may be filled with so many superhero movie clichés that it borders on satire, but at least it isn't trying to cram a bunch of villains into a single film, right? Wrong! Though the trailer focused mostly on Peter Sarsgaard's giant, evil head, Green Lantern will also be facing off against Parallax, a symbiotic creature that embodies fear itself--which, I know, sounds like your ex-wife, so no need to say it. Anyway, DailyBlam got this first look at Parallax from the pages of an upcoming GL comic, so you comics enthusiasts can start judging how well this bundle of spikes represents the character. What do you think? I'm thinking it could be pretty scary on film. Particularly if the movie explains that there are a bunch of these in my tap water.


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