'Green Lantern' Trailer: Freakish Heads and So Much Green Stuff

November 17, 2010


One of the bigger question marks on my personal Will-It-Be-Shitty? superhero movie board has been Martin Campbell's adaptation of Green Lantern. Up until this trailer, I wasn't too convinced either way, and now that I've watched it a couple times... I'm still not that convinced either way--and now, on top of that, I'm also not convinced Green Lantern's thoroughly-unnecessary roommate character is or is not a cast member on Big Bang Theory. But I am definitely convinced Peter Sarsgaard's increasingly-freakish head is pretty great, so that's something.

Let's watch.

For better or worse (worse), it really looks like a superhero movie, doesn't it? The unpleasant changes to the suit; the insistence on focusing on a love story no one cares about; the shots of hapless cops ineffectively shooting something; the requisite gala event explosively disrupted by villainy; the way the entirety of Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever seems to be captured within that ring, requiring all of Hal Jordan's willpower just to contain the mist and green party lights enough to keep this film from being THAT campy. Great freak head, though.

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