Harry Potter in Period Clothing, Shaq in a Drag Comedy, and More

November 10, 2010


- Hammer Films has released the first photo of Daniel Radcliffe in Woman in Black, the James Watkin-directed film that sees the young actor as a lawyer uncovering dark secrets in a remote village. Won't be long until we stop thinking of him as Harry Potter and start seeing him as, "Dude from a Jane Austen movie, maybe? A Brontë adaptation, then?"

- Spanish comedian Santiago Segura, Regis Philbin, and Shaquille O'Neal all have parts in Jack and Jill, the film in which Adam Sandler plays his own twin sister. It's now nearly ridiculous enough to put in theaters--perhaps as close as a Carrot Top cameo away.

- Disney has signed The Blind Side's John Lee Hancock to direct Electric Boy Genius, which Variety reports is "based on a 2002 GQ article, that profiled Ryan Patterson, a wunderkind of electricity who won the Intl. Science and Engineering Fair in 2001," so you can forget that male version of Small Wonder you already had in your head after you heard the title. Hancock also directed The Alamo and The Rookie, so look for Dennis Quaid to reprise his most convincing role, Gruff Father.

- Oh, and remember that unlikely 21 Jump Street remake Jonah Hill, the co-writer of Scott Pilgrim, and the directors of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs are making? Channing Tatum is probably in that now, too. That ripped 30-year-old is going to blend right in with those high school kids.

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