'Mars Needs Moms' Trailer: To the Uncanny Valley and Beyond (to Mars)

November 23, 2010


Was the fantastical adventure and ham-fisted "it turns out I do need a mom" morality of Home Alone just a tad too subtle for your tastes? Then you're probably the audience for Robert Zemeckis's latest producing effort, Mars Needs Moms. Based on the Berkeley "Bloom County" Breathed book of the same name, the film tells of a petulant boy who gets in an argument with his mom and ends up on an adventure save her from the mom-stealing inhabitants of Mars. Naturally, because Zemeckis has his finger in this thing, the story is told using CGI motion capture, lending the entire film the usual slightly-too-real quality that will make you constantly on-edge and genuinely concerned for the welfare of the morbidly obese character.

Have a trailer:

At least the Martians were smart enough to take Joan Cusack. She's definitely one of our best mom characters.

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