Martin Sheen and Sally Field Playing Spider-Man's Elderly Caretakers

November 5, 2010


While Marc Webb has thus far been building up his Spider-Man cast with mostly up-and-comers and indie stars, the director is suddenly really going for your parents' ticket money with the casting of Peter Parker's elderly, adoptive parents. According to Heat Vision, Martin Sheen is in final negotiations to play Uncle Ben in the superhero film. Those familiar with Marvel comics mythology--and also everyone who's seen the Spider-Man movie from eight years ago--know the part probably won't be all that big, being that the criminal shooting of Uncle Ben is what's meant to convince Parker to always Use His Great Power with Great Responsibility, but still, Sheen's casting should at least lend more gravity to the murder. Or make it feel like a political assassination.

Continuing to cast from the vocally-anti-war celebrity pool, Webb is also reportedly working on getting Boniva spokeswoman Sally Field as Spider-Man's Aunt May. The award-winning actress seems a bit vibrant and healthy for the gaunt, haggard old lady seen in the pages of comics, but I'm sure her impressive pedigree will bring more than we'd expect to the minor role. The costumed-hero experience of Mrs. Doubtfire will finally pay off.

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