'Mastermind' Our Weekend's Most Successful Moving Picture

November 8, 2010


Your weekend box office numbers:

1. Megamind - $47.7 million--almost ten million less than Despicable Me's opening, and less than half of what The Incredibles made the same weekend in 2004. But Megamind can probably catch up to those numbers after a few unwarranted sequels and a straight-to-video release based around a supporting character.

2. Due Date - $33.5 million. Expect to see a jump in teen pregnancy as high schoolers attempt to emulate getting a girl pregnant and having a madcap adventure to get home in time for the child's birth.

3. For Colored Girls - $20.1 million (i.e., needed more Madea).

4. Red - $8.9 million (i.e., also needed some Madea).

5. Saw 3-D - $8.2 million. (i.e., needed the most Madea).

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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