Matthew McConaughey Is Very Serious About His Car-Based Legal Practice

November 22, 2010


I've got to give The Lincoln Lawyer this much: it looks like it really gives you your money's worth of Matthew McConaughey. The trailer starts us with classic smarmy coolguy McConaughey, a slick attorney who can discern how much money is in an envelope just by shaking it, and who runs his practice from the back of a Lincoln identifiable by its signature "NTGUILTY" license plate--the kind of irreverent McConaughey that would change his philandering ways for Kate Hudson or whoever. But by the preview's halfway point, it's already moved on to super-dramatic lawyer McConaughey--the kind that nobly defends black men in Amistads and Time to Kills. This dude is fucking real about defending Ryan Phillippe, but only if Ryan Phillippe will be straight with him.

Masterful nonverbal transmission of: "Yup, I've got the gun, Ryan Phillippe, and I think we both know what that means."

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