'Mechanic' Trailer and Poster: Both Mostly Guns and Triteness

November 16, 2010


"A good mechanic is hard to find," warns this trailer, tossing that cliché at us with no shame or hesitation. And, of course, when they say "mechanic," they don't mean mechanic; they mean a cute euphemism for "hitman"--as in a remake of 1972's The Mechanic, in which Charles Bronson played the titular killer. That film was particularly notable for its sixteen-minute, dialogue-free opening sequence. The remake will probably never be notable because it seems to be fine with dialogue like:

"You think you can get to me before I get to you?"


"Time to finish the job! Save the fuel--I'll travel to your location! Stock Jason Statham character lines/behavior!"

Anyway, here's the poster. Behold: a gun made of guns!



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