'Megamind' Holds Top Spot Despite Trains, Aliens, Harrison Ford Anchormen

November 15, 2010


Your weekend box office results:

1. Megamind - $30.1 million, though it isn't doing as well in Japan, where it's called The S&M Blue Man Group Super Power Brad Pitt Show.

2. Unstoppable - $23.5 million, a nearly identical opening to last time director Tony Scott had Denzel Washington stop a train.

3. Due Date - $15.5 million. If this keeps making money, Todd Phillips is going to have to come up yet another slight variation on Zach Galifianakis acting dumb.

4. Skyline - $11.7 million--already more than the film's $10 million budget, so someone better start typing up a script for Skyline 2: Horizons.

5. Morning Glory - $9.6 million. Perhaps marketing it as something my mom would eventually rent wasn't the best way to sell this thing.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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