Miley Cyrus Going Undercover -- IN A SORORITY!

November 4, 2010


When you've got the director of What Happens in Vegas and Extraordinary Measures working with the guy who wrote The Switch and The Dilemma's lazy gay jokes to construct a vehicle for Miley Cyrus, you can't help but get the feeling you're going to get something pretty special. Thankfully, the two have not disappointed, today delivering us plans for So Undercover, a film in which the Cyrus child will play an extremely young private investigator hired by the FBI to infiltrate a sorority house. How's that for high concept?

Discussing the project with Variety, producer Nigel Sinclair attempted to talk up the script by using increasingly disheartening adjectives to describe it, saying, "We have a sharp, funny, accessible and commercial script from [the Dilemma "electric cars are gay" joke writer and another guy] that is a perfect match for her comic talents." Accessible and commercial! Yikes, Nigel, you should have just described this for what it really is: the Hilary Swank-as-Karate Kid equivalent for Agent Cody Banks.

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