More Casting Problems for 'Gravity': RDJ Is Out

November 18, 2010


Welp, time to find a new male lead, Alfonso Cuarón: Robert Downey Jr. isn't going to be in Gravity anymore. According to Heat Vision, the actor has officially left the project and is now looking at joining How to Talk to Girls, an adaptation of a romance guide written by an obnoxiously precocious nine-year-old, because that's somehow a better option than a sci-fi film by the director of Children of Men.

Cuarón's sci-fi thriller has been plagued with casting problems since news first broke of it: Angelina Jolie passed twice on starring, Natalie Portman rejected an offer, and after a month of negotiations, The Net has still not officially signed on for the part--and all this despite the promise that the film will rest squarely on the shoulders of its female lead. Plus, it's supposed to have an impressive, 20-minute, uncut opening take, so what is the deal with everyone treating this film like a venereal disease? Can someone sign on so they can make this, please? I just really want to see this movie.

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