New 'Season of the Witch' Trailer: Nicolas Cage Is So Serious About His Witch Crusade

November 11, 2010


It's been a while since I've shown you Nicolas Cage's face do Acting, so here's a treat for everyone: a new Season of the Witch trailer. In this would-be blockbuster, Cage plays some kind of dull, monotone, medieval version of The Transporter charged with delivering a supposed witch somewhere. Thing is, despite the prisoner constantly acting like The Exorcist, our hero Nic isn't so certain she's a witch. Ut oh! Sounds like they're gonna need more holy water! Which is a statement I can make with the utmost confidence, being that someone in this trailer literally says, "We're gonna need more holy water!" Acting AND Writing, you ask? Seems this movie has it all.

Was that a rotting king I spotted between epic battle scenes? Season of the Witch is coming for your Oscar, Braveheart!

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