Next Wolverine Movie Is 'The Wolverine' (Movie)

November 15, 2010


To the disappointment of everyone hoping to see Wolverine's Wild Japanese Vacation written across theater marquees, Darren Aronofsky has revealed the title of his take on the Marvel character, and that isn't it. Abandoning the "X-Men Origins" prefix that was needlessly tacked onto the last Wolverine film, Aronofsky has opted to instead go the "The Final Destination" route, calling his film: The Wolverine. Memorable! But at least it isn't Wolverine 3-D, so let's all cheers a Wolverine X-Treme Cappuccino to that.

The director also reportedly called it a "one-off," stressing that it "isn't a sequel in any conventional sense," effectively giving you clearance to completely forget everything about the last Wolverine movie. Start doing so immediately.

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