'Red Riding Hood' Trailer: 'Twilight' Painfully Meets 'Sleepy Hollow'

November 17, 2010


Look, Catherine Hardwicke, I know Twilight was your big money-maker, but could you lay off the whole intense-guy-who-keeps-insisting-he's-wrong-for-the-girl romance that devolves into a werewolf love triangle action-melodrama thing for a bit? No? You're going to make that same thing again, seemingly taking dialogue straight out of your last film but loosely applying it the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Fine. But why did you have to drag Gary Oldman into this?

"Who's afraid?" is the tagline? Like the song from the Three Little Pigs? Red Riding wolf, Three Little Pigs wolf, and werewolf all in one! I hope his tongue also comically unspools when he sees a sexy lady, so that I can truly consider this menace the Everywolf.

Anyway, how shocked were you when the trailer reached its end and you realized a dark, modern cover of this song was miraculously never played?

(Thanks, Joe.)

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