Scarlett Johansson Playing Hot Alien, Al Pacino Playing Hedge Fund Magnate, and More Casting Things

November 3, 2010


- Al Pacino has signed on to make Nicholas Jarecki's Arbitrage his next film, reports Variety. He'll star with Eva Green and Susan Sarandon, playing "a hedge fund magnate who is in over his head and desperate to complete the sale of his trading empire to a major bank before his fraud is revealed." Looks like this and Tower Heist will be in direct competition for my timely, economic-themed apathy.

- Sexy Beast writer/director Jonathan Glazer's next will be a sci-fi film that stars Scarlett Johansson as "an alien on earth, disguised as the perfect aesthetic form of a mesmerizing woman [who] scours remote highways and desolate scenery looking to use her greatest weapon to snare human prey -- her voracious sexuality." Someone should probably loan him a copy of Species before he gets too far with this.

- THR reports Imogen Poots and Felicity Jones will be joining Ed Westwick, Tamsin Egerton, Brooke Shields, Bill Bailey, and Bill Nighy in Ian Softley's Trap for Cinderella. The story centers on two women from opposite ends of the economic spectrum who get trapped in a burning resort house; one survives the fire, but she's left unrecognizably scarred and rendered an amnesiac, leaving obvious questions about her identity. Shooting will begin in February, unless Days of Our Lives does that plot first.

- New Year's Eve, Garry Marshall's thematic sequel to Valentine's Day (that theme being "unbearable ensemble romantic-comedy"), has found one of the star's of its sure-to-be-massive cast: Abigail Breslin. It seems the little tyke from Little Miss Sunshine is just about old enough to have a hokey romance, and given that Justin Bieber is rumored to have a part, I fear I know what professionally-groomed little turd that romance is going to be with.

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