'Source Code' Trailer a Real 'Quantum Groundhog Leapday'

November 23, 2010


Duncan Jones sure did a good job with that Moon movie, didn't he? What a nice Moon that was! I sure wanted to like whatever that guy did next. Unfortunately, what he's done next seems to be a generic-looking amalgam of Quantum Leap and Groundhog Day, all painted in the stinky veneer of Paycheck, and that's pretty hard to like. Here's your trailer:

Hopefully Jones is pouring all his effort into his other upcoming sci-fi film, Mute, and this is just some sort of bizarre experiment in creating a lazy Philip K. Dick adaptation without the use of an actual Philip K. Dick source story. In which case, he did some pretty great work here.

Also, the guy Jake Gylenhaal keeps Quantum Leaping into is probably the bomber, right?

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