Steve Carell Now Son of Springsteen-esque Old Guy Rocker

November 8, 2010


It won't be all Get Smart sequels for Steve Carell once he's done with The Office (for now). Vulture has learned the actor will star in the directorial debut of Cars and Bolt screenwriter Dan Fogelman, a Warner Bros. comedy titled Imagine. In it, he'll play the estranged son of a Bruce Springsteen-like aging rocker who finds a long-forgotten letter from John Lennon that reveals the father/son relationship. Because John always was the "Maury Povich one" of The Fab Four--you know, marrying Asian women, delivering paternity results, etc. No details yet on whether this will be an "oh, isn't that an funny thing to learn about so late in life" comedy or a "ut oh, my son is super-retarded and acting like he's participating in a Dinner for Schmucks!" comedy. Either way, the lesson is clear: always open your mail from Beatles.

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