Tarsem Singh Making One of Our Multitude of 'Snow White' Adaptations

November 2, 2010


I don't know if you've been paying attention, but since the success of Alice in Wonderland, we're getting so, so many 3-D fairy tale films. Of those, a minimum of three are adaptations of Snow White, and one of those is being done by Relativity Media. OK? Well, last month, the studio made an offer to Tarsem Singh to direct theirs, and Deadline now reports he's reached a deal. For those keeping Snow White journals, this is the Melisa Wallack-written project from June that producer Brett Ratner described as "edgy" and "not your grandfather's Snow White." Obviously, that summary is enough to make your brain emit a tornado siren, but the involvement of Tarsem could mean it's looking up. His last film, The Fall, proved that his stylized, over-saturated aesthetic is perfect for the realm of fairy tale. Assuming Relativity doesn't rein him into the safety of mediocrity, this could be pretty alright, yeah? If nothing else, I'm curious what he'll do with 3-D. I'm imagining it will be like staring into a supermarket barcode scanner.

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