Tim Burton's Superman Might Have Worn This Glowing, Pearlescent Thing

November 2, 2010


For those of you old enough to remember things prior to Pokemons, you may recall--back before coolguy "visionary" Zack Snyder was going to re-invigorate the Superman franchise, and long before Bryan Singer gave it a go--Tim Burton had been working on his own take on the Man of Steel that would have cast Nicolas Cage in the unlikely role of Kal-El in a film called Superman Lives.

Thankfully, that never really came together, and the only remnants of that bad idea are some doctored photos of Nicolas Cage and a bit of concept art that looks like Leonardo DiCaprio as H.R. Giger's Frankenstein. OR SO WE THOUGHT. As you can see above, some new artifacts have recently emerged, revealing the bizarre work special effects artist Steve Johnson did on the project. So if you're ready to see some Nic Cage statues draped in glow necklaces and encased in plastic, let's continue...




More in Johnson's Facebook album.

(via, thanks to Kilayi)

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