Today's Batman Rumor: Theron, Farmiga, Thomas, and Maybe Clayface

November 2, 2010


Now that we know the new Batman film is called The Dark Knight Rises, and that it won't involve the Riddler, time to get back to the world of unsubstantiated rumor. Today, our trip to that land is provided by ComicBookMovie, who report a "source" has told them Charlize Theron, Vera Farmiga, and Kacie Thomas are in talks to join Christopher Nolan's superhero film.

Theron is said to be in talks to play Sarah Essen, a detective Gordon gets involved with despite that weddin' ring of his. Farmiga and Thomas have both supposedly auditioned to play Julie Madison, socialite squeeze of Bruce Wayne and a character often associated with Batman's most argillaceous foe, Clayface.

Hey, is this "Dark Knight Rises" ...or "Dark Knight Kisses"! Because there are so many potential ladies to kiss, see. No?

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