'Unstoppable', 'Morning Glory', Anti-Emissions Standards Propaganda, and Other Movies Opening

November 12, 2010


Director: Tony Scott
Starring: Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson
Good if you want to see: an engineer and his conductor racing to stop an out-of-control train full of deadly chemicals. So, basically the scenario every kid with a train set immediately comes up with.

Morning Glory
Director: Roger Michell
Starring: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Patrick Wilson
Good if you want to see: workaholic go-getter Rachel McAdams have some contention and banter with anchorman Harrison Ford--who, believe me, knows a thing or two about working around the clock.

Director: The Strause Brothers
Starring: Donald Faison, Eric Balfour, David Zayas, Scottie Thompson
Good if you want to see: what Independence Day: The Series could have been.

Tiny Furniture (limited)
Director: Lena Dunham
Starring: Lena Dunham, Grace Dunham, Laurie Simmons, Alex Karpovsky
Good if you want to see: a young member of the so-called "boomerang generation" returning to live in her mother's Tribeca apartment. Shit, did I really just say "boomerang generation"?

Cool It (limited)
Director: Ondi Timoner
Starring: Bjørn Lomborg
Good if you want to see: the wisdom of An Inconvenient Truth questioned by someone from the other side of the argument. which sounds like more Old Fashioned Incandescent Lightbulb Company propaganda to me.

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