Want Some 'Hangover 2' Possible Spoilings?

November 11, 2010


Seeing that The Hangover didn't hold back any of the missing teeth, tigers, sunglasses babies, or Mike Tyson cameos from any of its marketing, the TMZ set photos that lie ahead most likely aren't going to spoil anything for you that a poster or trailer or Hangover 2 32oz collectible cup wouldn't have already. But if you're a real Hangover 2 purist, don't look further, because you're going to see some comic physical transformations from the film that imply the characters may get intoxicated and partake in regrettable activities.

Let's continue, then...


So, yeah, Galifianakis shaves his head (supposedly after becoming a monk) and Ed Helms gets a Mike Tyson tattoo (likely from Liam Neeson). Pretty terrible tattoo to get on your face, but on the Internet Scale of Regrettable Tattoos, still only like a 6, really.

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