Weinstein Fighting MPAA's Decision That Sex and Swearing Are Super Dirty

November 18, 2010


Hey, you might be able to get your underage relatives into a theater to see Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams have sex after all! The Weinstein Company has hired some lawyers to challenge the MPAA's decision that a sex scene between consenting adults is somehow worse than a human centipede--a decision that resulted in Blue Valentine being left with a box-office-poison NC-17 rating. And while they're at it, they're going to use those lawyers to appeal The King's Speech's R rating--deemed necessary because sometimes Colin Firth swears when he's stuttering--while they're at it, on the off chance there's a teenager out there really disappointed they can't watch The King's Speech. I can only assume their case will pretty much be showing a judge This Film Is Not Yet Rated and asking, "Seriously are these guys a lot of backwards, uptight assholes or what?"

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