'Alien' Prequel Get a Title and Probably Some Actors

December 9, 2010


"The planet was perfect.... a paradise. But for what?" That's my bet for the Alien prequel tagline, because according to Vulture, Ridley Scott's belated next film in the franchise will be titled: Paradise. Sounds vaguely familiar, Rids, but at least catchier than Alien³.

Additionally, the director is working on getting casting finished for a March shoot date. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Noomi Rapace, whose name came up for the lead months ago, is reportedly now the front-runner to play tough-but-sexy protagonist Elizabeth Shaw. The character of Vickers--the slightly older, "fortysomething, tough-but-sexy woman"--meanwhile, is being offered to tough-but-sexy Michelle Yeoh, while Michael Fassbender is in talks to play David--an android precursor to Ian Holm/Lance Henriksen. Talks with him seem to be stalled, however, with Fassbender's manager saying, "Do you not realize this dude's going to be Magneto? Give us a lot of money," and Scott and Fox responding with, "Come on, we know Brent Spiner can do it if you're going to be a dick about this."

Other parts still left to be cast include "an older businessman along for the ride" (Richard Branson?) and a character called Engineer 1, "to be 'played' by a six-foot-five-inch actor, but will actually be entirely CGI, à la Gollum in The Lord of the Rings films." Jar Jar Binks was a fairly tall guy, too, wasn't he?

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