'Firestarter' Remake Time, Evil Queen Catfight, More Boxing Rappers, and Nic Cage Losing His Shit Under Stress of Ghost Riding

December 14, 2010


- Universal has plans to make a new film "based on [the] timeless concept" of Stephen King's Firestarter (the timeless concept of a girl starting fires with her mind, obviously). In the 1984 film, a young Drew Barrymore starred as the titular mind arsonist, but in this version it's somehow going to be way more awesome than that, because "the main character is to be reinvented with a little more edge." What?

- Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts are both reportedly in talks to play the Evil Queen in rival Snow White films: Theron in Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman and Roberts in Tarsem Singh's Brothers Grimm: Snow White. Which do you think will have the cuter talk show story about much of an "evil queen" they are before their morning coffee?

- Eminem is returning to acting as "a fast-rising welterweight boxer who brawls his way to the title, only to see his world crash down around him due to tragedy" in Southpaw, a film to be written by Sons of Anarchy creator/exec producer Kurt Sutter, who's calling it, "[A] continuation of the 8 Mile story, but rather than a literal biography, we are doing a metaphorical narrative of the second chapter of his life." So before you compare this to the other nearly-40-year-old-white-rapper-as-a-boxer movie out there, remember: this one is a metaphorical sequel to 8 Mile?

- In a classic case of life imitating Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit YouTube montages, Nicolas Cage lost his shit while in Bucharest shooting Ghost Rider 2. The fact that he's making a sequel to Ghost Rider would seem to negate the tirade's closing line--"I'll die in the name of honor!"--but in general I agree with Cage's demand that whoever this other guy is should "look in [Nicolas Cage's] eyes":

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