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December 1, 2010


As everyone in the "buying DVDs and meticulously organizing them in plain sight as a geeky, increasingly-obsolescent trophy collection" business knows, the most impressive DVDs to show off to apathetic guests are those that are part of the fashionable Criterion Collection. Unfortunately, Criterion doesn't have the rights nor the time to release every film, and they seem to have fairly rigid standards about not releasing things like Billy Cosby spectral father comedies and Ernest Goes to Jail, which is a shame for those that wanted a handsome-looking Ernest Goes to Jail case on their shelf. But the good news is, at least now you can see some loose approximations of what the artful covers for such films might look like thanks to this Fake Criterion blog. Print them out and replace your current covers to show your friends "not only do I own the Britney Spears film Crossroads, I felt the need to adorn it!"

(via reddit)

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