Hilary Swank's Exceedingly Generic Thriller Poster

December 1, 2010


Always looking to pepper her résumé with things like The Core and P.S. I Love You to break up all the obvious Oscar grabs, Hilary Swank has decided to star as The Resident in The Resident--co-starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Landlord who is also A Resident, stalking her in her Brooklyn loft. If that brief description has left you with any lingering doubts about if, a) the film will consist primarily of a series of drawn-out "oh, it's just you; you scared me by appearing so suddenly!" moments, and/or, b) the film will end with Hilary Swank forced to kill Jeffrey Dean Morgan after an elaborate chase-fight, likely involving climbing on the roof during a downpour (with the murder method/weapon being composed of 3 parts spontaneity, 4 parts ingenuity, and 2 parts brutality), this poster should alleviate them.

'The Resident' Poster [IMPA]

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