James Franco Returning to World of (People Associated with) James Dean

December 9, 2010


In 2001, James Franco was given a Golden Globe for doing such a good job looking like James Dean in Mark Rydell's made-for-television James Dean biopic. Now, the actor is returning to the popped-collar world of Rebel Without a Cause, optioning the film rights to a new biography on Rebel co-star Sal Mineo, who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his part as Plato.

Mineo quickly moved to other, similar roles as a troubled teen (if you're unfamiliar, think Ralph Macchio in The Outsiders, repeatedly), but found himself unable to transition his popularity into adult roles, despite rumors of camping in front of Francis Ford Coppola's house in the hopes of getting to play Fredo in The Godfather. In 1976, a pizza delivery guy stabbed Mineo to death outside his West Hollywood apartment, his final film role being chimp physician Dr. Milo in Escape from the Planet of the Apes--a role Franco can almost relate to.

The Hollywood Reporter claims Franco has no plans to star, but I'm just going to assume that means he'll instead be showing up as James Dean. Because if he doesn't, what a waste of a perfectly fine James Dean.

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