'Limitless' Trailer: Bradley Cooper's Magic Pill Gave Him The Best Brain... BUT AT WHAT COST

December 16, 2010


"What if you could use, like, ALL your brain?" has been an unanswered hypothetical in the stoner community for what feels to them like forever, but it looks like Neil Burger's latest film might finally have the answer: you become a paranoid douchebag!

In Limitless, Bradley Cooper plays a sloppy, struggling writer who, for some reason, is given a pill that allows him to access 100% of his brain's potential. Initially, the medication seems like a godsend: when writing, the right letters were practically just falling from the sky into place--as cleverly represented by the letters literally falling from the sky into place--and he was now super-intelligent enough to realize he should cut his hair and do a few sit-ups. But soon, as Smart Cooper becomes a fast millionaire through super-smart stock trading, things get out of hand, and he finds himself losing memory of entire days, being pursued by tinted-window cars, and facing threats from Robert De Niro. It turns out there's a thriller genre downside to magic pills!

Here's the trailer.

Wait a minute... you were in a placebo group. The rich douche was inside you all along, Bradley Cooper!

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