'Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus' Trailer: Mega Shark is Back! And So Is Jaleel White!

December 2, 2010


Welp, Mega Shark is back. Thought to be killed by the combined forces of Debbie Gibson, TV's Renegade, and Giant Octopus, the massive, oft-airborne fish apparently survived the battle, and he's once again biting the shit out of everything. Standing in his way this time: a giant prehistoric crocodile (strangely, NOT DinoCroc; a different one), Family Matters' breakout star Jaleel White, the doctor from Star Trek: Voyager, and former British boxer Gary Stretch.

The best part of this trailer is unquestionably when Gary Stretch is going on about Crocosaurus, and horrible actress is all, "Wait a minute, why are we talking about crocodiles?" And then you see Gary Stretch's face say, "WHAT. Are you telling me there's another prehistoric animal [that the audience knows is a Mega Shark]?"

It's sad that Urkel is probably the most convincing element of this whole thing. Unless Voyager Doctor's scenes end up being really good, which they probably will be.

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