'New Year's Eve' Adds Attractive Women Who Often Wear Bikinis

December 9, 2010


In a valiant but ultimately misguided effort to make Garry Marshall's thematic sequel to Valentine's Day appealing to straight males, New Line has entered negotiations with the full lips and toned, disproportionate bodies of Sofia Vergara and Jessica Biel to join New Year's Eve. Biel, the one connective string from Valentine's Day, would play "a pregnant woman who, along with her husband, try to win a cash prize given by a hospital to the couple who are first to give birth on New Year's Day," though it's unclear to me if it's Jessica Biel's character from the last film or if it will be Jessica Biel acting like Jessica Biel but with a different name. Vergara's part hasn't been named, but man oh man, how about her?

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