Nicolas Cage Will Do a Terrible Version of 'Taken'

December 15, 2010


With the stress of following-up Ghost Rider with another Ghost Rider clearly taking its toll on Nicolas Cage, the actor seems to be finding his calm in the soothing comfort of another safely-idiotic, expectation-free action role. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he's signed on to star in something called Medallion, a project that will reunite him with Con-Air director Simon West. Cage will play a one-time master thief whose daughter is kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a yellow cab--or "Medallion taxi," as one who's making a film called "Medallion" might pretend people say--leaving the wide-eyed father only hours to find his beloved MacGuffin before she dies for unspecified reasons.

Besides sounding like Taken with taxis, it sounds lot like the brand of forgettable thriller Clive Owen or Jason Statham does to pay the bills, doesn't it? The producers of the film seemed to think so, too, as both actors were once connected to the part. Don't bother Nic Cage none, though. Cinema's most resilient little cockroach just loves rooting around in the leavings of others.

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