No One's in 'Ghosbusters 3'; Jeopardy Now a Casting Pool; You Aren't Getting a Jimi Hendrix Movie; More!

December 15, 2010


- Here's Glenn Close doing her best Irish Mulan as an 1890s woman who disguises herself as a man in Albert Nobbs. More or less convincing than she was in Hook?

- As far as Ghostbusters 3 goes, no one Dan Aykroyd has mentioned as strong casting possibilities have any idea what he's talking about.

- The precocious young boy at the heart of the Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock-starring adaptation of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close will be played by actual precocious young boy, Thomas Horn--a recent winner of $31,800 on Jeopardy!: It's Kids Edition. Jeopardy-Bot better at least get a reality show.

- Paul Greengrass won't be making a Jimi Hendrix biopic anytime soon. According to Deadline, the owners of Hendrix's music catalog (a person(s) called Experience Hendrix) "refused to authorize the film for fear it could hurt the music catalog." Good call, Experience. What if people realized he's black?

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