SyFy and Universal Teaming Up To Bring Worst Movies to Theaters

December 15, 2010


How many times have you been sitting around watching a SyFy Channel Original Presentation of Sharktopus and thought what an utter shame it was that this destructive chimera was available only to those with basic cable? Every time, right? Well, I've got what may be some good news for Sharktopus 2: SyFy and Universal have formed a partnership to begin releasing films in actual cinemas, with the expectation that people will pay to see SyFy-branded offerings.

In a statement, the companies jointly explained, "the new entity will leverage Syfy's genre expertise to produce human and relatable theatrical releases from the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, supernatural and horror," so rest easy knowing the partnership will not abandon the human aspect of SyFy films--much like Mansquito still retained some of his human qualities despite being part mosquito.

As for why Universal thinks this is a good idea, the studio explained:

"Syfy has been incredibly successful in finding ways to produce compelling entertainment for a specific audience. Joining together to find moderately budgeted projects that we can develop using their expertise and their brand is a great opportunity for both of our companies."

Which is to say, Universal wants to get their finger in making cheap shit for bored insomniacs and drunks.

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